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Small Producers Initiative

SAVE THE DATE: Summer workshop, August 14-16 in San Marcos

About the Initiative

The Small Producer Initiative is a group of faculty, staff, and community members interested in promoting and serving the needs of small agricultural producers involved in:

  • ​growing vegetables and fruits,
  • ranching or livestock production on a small acreage,
  • running a nursery,
  • commodity cropping, or
  • selling in small marketplaces.

​We are committed to needs of small producers of all types, including those who have historically been excluded from programs, information, funding, and land necessary for production and those who are just beginning to produce food and fiber.

The USDA defines small farms as those under $250,000 in gross sales annually.




Current Programs

The RURAL-V grant, awarded by the United States Department of Agriculture Office of Advocacy and Outreach, is assisting us in reaching out to small producers in four main ways:

  1. ​An informational website (this website),
  2. Webinars on topics identified by small producers (held in March through May, 2017) and recorded for further viewing,
  3. Tours of small production facilities and research facilities related to small farms in the region (Summer 2017), and
  4. free in-person workshop on the campus of Texas State University (held in July or August 2017).

We will also be connecting small producers to USDA programs, technical experts, and other resources.

To find out more, please complete our information form.

This program is funded to outreach to US Military Veterans and historically disadvantaged groups of farmers and ranchers, per USDA guidelines. However, our technical information, workshops, and webinars are available to all. Special stipends and scholarships will apply to specific groups of participants.